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After a long flight and a reasonably short trip through Immigration, we headed to our apartment in North Acton – our home for the next two months.

After unpacking and settling in, we wandered around the neighbourhood to get our bearings and to fight off the imminent tiredness from the long flight.

Coffee and a late brunch in the local cafe  proved too much for John’s desire for good coffee. I’m sure he despaired at this stage of ever getting a decent cup of coffee. The experience has unfortunately put us off the local cafe but luckily for John we found lots of very good coffee in London.

A trip to the local pub, The Castle, later in the day proves a bit more positive. The pub has a lot of character and offers live jazz every second Sunday. Somewhere we will be visiting again soon.

All in all a good day and a good start for our wanderings.



We have spent the last week in Canberra and Sydney saying final farewells to family and friends.

Now the long week of saying our goodbyes is over, the luggage has been finally packed and checked, and we are sitting in the airport lounge sipping a glass of red before boarding the plane for the next stage of our lives.

Goodbye to Australia – England and the rest of the world, here we come.

Feeling excited but a bit teary also.